Top 5 Reasons Why People Avoid the Dentist

by | Nov 25, 2014

There are many reasons why people avoid visiting the dentist regularly, but there are just as many, if not more, reasons why doing just that could actually be worse. Avoiding a potential problem may only exacerbate the damage, and some of the reasons this may potentially happen are detailed here. Let’s start by discussing the reasons people choose to avoid the dentist.

Reasons Why People Avoid the Dentist

1.       Cost

Some people just don’t think visiting the dentist regularly is a worthwhile investment. Often individuals who have developed good oral hygiene are overconfident in their abilities to protect their teeth, and may see a dental visit as a waste of time or money. Unfortunately, being comfortable with proper brushing and flossing is no excuse for avoiding a visit with a professional dentist. A lot of problems that may exist within your mouth may lay hidden, causing damage to the health of your teeth and gums without you ever knowing about it. Some problems are even unavoidable, regardless of how much you brush or floss.

A professional dentist will not only know what to look for that you might not notice, but can also conduct X-rays to find problems that may be invisible, possibly existing within your teeth or gums.

An important factor to also take into consideration is that discovering a problem early on may actually save you time and money in the long run. Finding a potential problem in the root of a tooth may require a simple procedure to correct, but waiting until an infection has developed could negatively impact the health of your teeth, gums, and your body in general, and may result in the need of a more expensive procedure. Detecting a problem early on is key to not only being proactive about your health, but also in avoiding more costly and invasive oral treatment or potentially surgery.

2.       Dental Anxiety

A lot of adults never outgrow the anxiety they had as children of visiting the dentist. Some adults even develop this anxiety later on after a bad encounter with an inexperienced dentist. The truth is that you have absolutely nothing to worry about as long as you choose a good, professional dentist. You can do this by researching your dentist before scheduling a visit for such things as reputation and comfort of visits. Not everyone looks forward to having to take time out of their day to see a dentist, but having a professional dentist that you can feel comfortable with giving you the best possible evaluation and advice definitely can make the experience a positive one with minimal discomfort.

3.       Fear of Needing Work

A lot of people know something is wrong, but have a fear of getting the work done. This could relate either to being uncomfortable with what equipment might be used to correct the problem, or could relate to the cost associated with the procedure. However, the reality is that the longer you wait to see the dentist, as discussed previously, the more likely your costs will escalate and any pain you may experience will only increase. This not only relates to the pain you are experiencing from whatever ails you, but also the potential pain you may feel during whatever procedure needs to be conducted to correct your problem.

Letting a problem go just increases the risk and may complicate the procedure. What may start out as a problem in your mouth could spread to other parts of your body through your bloodstream if an infection develops.

Again, choosing a professional dentist you can rely on to make your experience as simple as possible is crucial in resolving your problem as quickly, and comfortably as possible.

4.       Too Busy

Oftentimes, a common excuse for skipping the dentist is being too busy. However, making time for a dental appointment is even more important for people with heavy work schedules. If a dental problem were to go unnoticed, it would only increase the likelihood of you having to take more time out of your busy schedule to endure a longer, more invasive procedure if a major problem were to develop. As mentioned earlier, problems that start in your mouth won’t necessarily stay there. Taking charge of your oral health is not only good for your smile; it’s also good for your general health and well-being.

5.       Fear of Being Lectured About Bad Habits

Everyone has bad habits when it comes to anything in life, and brushing and overall oral care are certainly no exception. The truth is that nobody likes being lectured about what they are doing wrong. However, having a professional and polite dentist provide constructive criticism about ways in which you could improve your oral health could not only benefit your health, but it could also be a pleasant learning experience for you that you may appreciate and value dearly.

Again, the difference comes with your choice of dentist. Choosing a dentist that you are comfortable with sharing your concerns with, and taking advice where needed, can mean the difference between a dental visit being a nightmare, and it is a pleasant experience that you may actually look forward to.

Man with dental teeth pain
Reasons why people avoid the dentist

Now You Understand the Reasons Why People Avoid the Dentist

As you can see, visiting a dental office may not always be top on your priority list, but having a professional examination from an experienced dentist can make the biggest difference in how you feel about yourself and your oral health.

The first step comes in choosing a professional dentist that will take your health and well-being as a top priority. City Dental Centers is here to provide you with just that. We are happy to speak with you today about your dental concerns and schedule an appointment to address your needs in a professional, comfortable setting.

You don’t need to keep making excuses for why you shouldn’t take the time to take control of your oral health. Put your fears behind you and take charge of your well-being. Call us today, and we’ll make oral health, hygiene, and confidence a reality for you!

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