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Teeth Whitening

City Dental Centers has 6 dentist offices conveniently located throughout Southern California offering in-office teeth whitening services and take-home teeth whitening treatments including the BrightBar LED whitener.

Whatever your teeth whitening needs, our dedicated dental teams are here to provide you with the highest quality dental care and make your dentist appointments as pleasant as possible.

Information About Teeth Whitening

Braces are dental tools used to correct problems with your teeth including tooth crowding, misaligned teeth, or crooked teeth. Frequently our patients get braces when they are entering their tween or teen years. However, that’s not to exclude adults. Some people are able to get braces at an earlier age. Some patients’ families may not have been able to afford them at the time so they decide to get them later in life. Others may not have needed them but need them later on as further tooth crowding or issues develop or to beautify their smiles.

The dentists at City Dental Centers specialize in straightening teeth, correcting misaligned bites, and jaw problems by creating, installing, and adjusting braces for both children and adults. When you come in for your visit, expect your dentist or orthodontist to ask you a variety of related questions about your health, to perform a dental exam, take a digital X-ray scan of your mouth and teeth, take photos of your face and teeth, and anything else that will help them determine if you or your child need braces.

If braces are indeed the solution for you, the dentist or orthodontist will prescribe a dental appliance specific to your needs or your child’s needs. The braces may consist of bands, wires, and other fixed or removable corrective appliances. Remember that every mouth is different and not every method or style works for everyone.

City Dental Center Services Teeth Whitening

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