How To Be the Best Patient at Your Pico Rivera Dentist 

by | May 2, 2022

Here at the City Dental Centers blog, we have really tried to put together a comprehensive library with as much dental information as we can. The information our patients can use in their daily lives. We have detailed how to fight tooth decay with daily fluoride treatments, to how to spot a dental scam a mile away. Today’s article is aimed at our more conscious-minded patients, those who really would like to make the job of your friendly Pico Rivera dentist easier. We want to show you how to be the very best dental patient you can be… Or the worst. The choice is yours, but there’s no reason to make your dental visit feel like we’re pulling teeth.

We understand that visits to your dentist can be filled with a great deal of fear and anxiety. As a result, it’s hard for some people to deal with these emotions. Here at City Dental Centers‘ Pico Rivera location, we are equipped to be the Pico Rivera dentist you can rely on to help you deal with those feelings. But if you want to know how you, as a patient, can be the very best dental patient you can be, we have comprised some helpful DOs & DON’Ts for your next trip to our office.

How to be a BAD Dental Patient 

While the term “bad” is relative to each and every one of us, we would like to take a second to clarify what we mean when we refer to a “bad dental patient.” We do not mean that every nervous person who comes into our Pico Rivera location is a bad patient. There’s nothing wrong with being nervous when going to the dentist. It’s very common, so know that you’re not alone.

We would also like to make sure that our readers understand that when we refer to a “bad patient” we are specifically speaking in terms that relate to people who are inconsiderate to our dentists and dental staff, and who have shown issues related to personal negligence. With that said, here are some ways a patient can cause problems for themselves and others. 

Step 1. Blame Your Dentist for All Your Dental Problems

Here at City Dental Centers, we go out of our way to educate our patients on just how to limit the number of dentist visits they must make. We focus on preventive dentistry and will constantly make recommendations on oral hygiene, habits, and dental products so that there will be no more dental problems. We consistently will recommend services like dental sealants and in-office fluoride treatments so that you as our patient will have the fewest emergency dental visits possible. 

If you as the patient want to ignore all of our advice and not get the fluoride treatments or dental sealants, and then go home and not even brush and floss correctly, that is your choice. Here is something that you need to understand, your dentist cannot give you cavities and we are not responsible for your gum disease. If you want to be a “bad dental patient” then blaming your dental problems on your dentist is the first step.

Step 2. Wait Until You are in Unbearable Pain to Make Your Appointment 

Even with us being dental professionals, we still understand how easy it is to ignore your dental health. Most of us are so busy with work and kids that all we can do is brush twice a day and maybe floss every now and then. The majority of Americans will only go see a doctor if they are sick and they treat the dentist the very same way. When you wait until you have a full-blown infection in your teeth and gums before you make that appointment with our office, it clearly shows that you are not making an effort to prevent dental disease. Good oral health is not just brushing and flossing, but also keeping up on your professional teeth cleanings and evaluations. If you are regularly making your cleaning appointments with your Pico Rivera dentist, it’s unlikely you will be suffering from toothaches. 

We hope that you don’t misunderstand us, if you develop a toothache, we hope that you will immediately make an appointment so that we can help you. We just consider “good patients” to be the ones that come to our office whole and healthy with a big, beautiful smile on their faces for checkups and cleanings, and not in terrible pain. Consider it a tough-love approach.

Understanding & Avoiding Emergency Dental If Possible

When you wait until the very last minute to make that emergency appointment at your local Pico Rivera dentist, our office staff must re-arrange our schedule to accommodate you. This means changing other people’s appointments, requesting people work on their days off, and sometimes paying our staff overtime. We don’t mention this to make you feel guilty or to make you feel bad about booking emergency dental services. Quite the opposite, in fact.

We’re happy to help you in your time of need and we make every effort to keep our office open and available for emergencies. However, when we have several patients all needing emergency assistance because they have avoided checkups and cleanings, it makes things difficult for everyone. Again, we’re always here for you, no matter what, but do yourself a favor. Take care of your teeth and maintain your oral health. Doing so will ensure dental emergencies patients with trauma or severe problems can be well taken care of. Plus you’ll save time, and money, and prevent a lot of pain from ever happening in the first place.

Step 3. No Call No Shows and Showing up Late to Your Pico Rivera Dentist Appointment

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have, if your clients/customers/patients are making appointments with your office and not showing up without calling, it is very irritating. Nobody appreciates being left out in the cold and nobody likes being ghosted. Here at City Dental Centers, we are very busy. So busy in fact that we’ve opened up a total of 5 other locations surrounding our Pico Rivera dentist office.

Everyone in the neighborhood appreciates our top-quality dental care and affordable rates. We very carefully schedule all of our appointments with our patients so that everyone can get the time that they need for their dental care. When you no-call no-show for your appointment, you are taking away someone else’s time for their dental care, and perhaps even preventing us from tending to someone’s dental emergency. If you even call 20 to 30 minutes ahead of time and let us know you will not be making your appointment, that allows us an opportunity to re-arrange our schedule so that we are available for everyone that day.

Additionally, when you show up late, we must rush through your appointment. Our team has to work faster so we’re not behind schedule for all of the day’s appointments. If you show up 30 minutes late for an appointment that lasts an hour, everyone after you suffers the consequences. These patients will not blame you for having to wait. Instead, they blame our staff. Then we’re stuck dealing with cranky patients for the rest of the day, and nobody likes that.

So, if you really, really want to be a “bad patient,” all you have to do is make appointments that you don’t show up for. Finally, if and when you do decide to show up, be super late.

Step 4. Ignore The Mouth Care Recommendations of Your Pico Rivera Dentist

Gum disease, cavities, tooth & gum infections… they all happen. We don’t expect all of our patients to be models of pristine dental health. That’s just not how the industry works. When you come to your appointment with some dental issue and we offer our treatments and medications, we do so because if you do not follow the treatment plans, or take the medications we give you, your situation will most certainly worsen. Say you come into your Pico Rivera dentist with an infection in your tooth and gums. Normally our response will be to prescribe you with some antibiotics, and perhaps schedule you for another appointment for a root canal or extraction or even do it right there, based on the severity of the issue. Then, in the true nature and form of a “bad patient,” you do absolutely nothing. You don’t even go the pharmacy to fill the prescription. 

Again, we want to let you know we are here for your emergencies, and we care about your dental health. Our job here is to do everything we can to avoid dental emergencies and we really do hate to see our patients in pain. When you decide to ignore all of our advice and treatments, then show up at our office after hours for an emergency because you ignored us, you are effectively making it impossible for us to do our jobs and are being a “bad patient.”

Step 5. Wait Until We Have You in The Chair to Ask for a Bathroom Break

This one happens quite often. We will have patients sit in the waiting room right next to our bathroom, and then will wait until they are in the chair, bib on, lights pointed, and ask to use the bathroom. It’s more common than you might think. Now don’t get us wrong. We understand that sometimes it happens, and we can’t control when nature calls. Also, some folks suffer from medical conditions that make these situations unavoidable. In these cases, we will be happy to accommodate. We just ask that our patients try to make it to the bathroom prior to getting in the chair.

Also, there are several points during most procedures where a break will not throw us off schedule. For example, after your cleaning, and before the doctor comes to examine you, there is often a window of time perfect for a bathroom break. Do what you can to be considerate of our time and the time of our other patients. Again, we know things happen and we’re not going to be furious if you need to do what you gotta do. Just do your best to go beforehand so we can get you taken care of without issue and give you the attention you deserve.

Step 6. Try to Hide How Anxious and Fearful You Are of the Dentist

Normally our professionals can spot a patient who is experiencing anxiousness and fear regarding their procedure. Some dental procedures are very invasive and can also be painful. Then there are those folks who are excellent at hiding their anxiousness and fear, and those emotions have a way of showing up at the most inopportune times, such as during a drilling session or right before a tooth is extracted. For those patients who express their fears, we can take extra steps to ensure they are calm and comfortable before we begin the procedure. So be honest with your Pico Rivera dentist. It will make the whole experience much easier for everyone involved.

If you really want to be a “bad patient” then expertly hiding your fear and anxiety before we begin is a great step. Then, let all those feelings boil over right in the middle of the procedure in the form of some kind of outburst that disrupts the entire office.

How to be a GOOD Patient For Your Pico Rivera Dentist

Now that we have gone over all the many ways you can strive to be the worst patient possible, it might be a good idea to cover some ways that you can try to be a GOOD dental patient. 

  • To be a good dental patient for your Pico Rivera dentist, take your oral health seriously. Good oral health is more than brushing and flossing twice per day. Preventing gum disease includes following your dentists’ recommended visits for regular cleaning and exams.
  • Make sure that you schedule and arrive at your regular checkup and exams. That way we can catch any problems in the early stages. Regular checkups allow us to catch cavities as they form. Help us help you. Let’s catch things before they turn into full-blown problems that require emergency dental visits. If you even think you are developing a problem, call us immediately and we will be there to help.
  • Please be punctual and on time for your scheduled appointments. We understand that life happens. After all, we’re all human and things come up. It’s just the way it is. However, let’s be real. There are few situations where you cannot at least call us. Please let us know that you won’t be able to make it, or that you will be late. This will allow us to re-order our day so that nobody is having to wait for their dental care.
  • Please follow our advice about dental disease. The sooner you begin your recommended treatment, the more time and money you’ll save!
  • Please try to go to the bathroom right when you get to the office. Make sure you don’t need to take unnecessary breaks during your appointment. Let’s ensure everything is on time, and that nobody has to rush your visit along.
  • Please be honest about any feelings of anxiety that you may be feeling about your procedure. You may be pleasantly surprised about how we can make you feel better.

Make City Dental Centers You Pico Rivera Dentist

If you are not already a patient of City Dental Center, Pico Rivera location, then we hope that we’ve provided you with some valuable information on how to be a good patient, no matter which Pico Rivera dentist you choose. Already a City Dental Centers patient? Then we hope we have given you the tools to make our job and your visit much easier. After all, if our job is easy, your dental health will be that much better.

If you are still on the fence about City Dental Centers, then let us assure you we are the premier dentist office in the area with the most affordable prices. Our mission is to provide the very best dental care to everyone we treat. And we take that mission seriously, regardless of if they drive a brand-new Mercedes or a 20-year-old Saturn. Our dental health is important, and finances should have nothing to do with it.

Best of all, our Pico Rivera location is not our only branch. In fact, we have dental offices all over Southern California. So even if you don’t live in Pico Rivera, chances are there is a City Dental Centers’ location near you. Call us today and set up your appointment with your neighborhood Pico Rivera dentist specialists. You will not be disappointed with our expert dental care and affordable pricing structure.

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