BrightBar at home tooth whitening by Dr. Sam Shahoveisi is a gentle, organic tooth whitening kit that makes high-quality, effective dental care easy to access. Sam Shahoveisi, the founder of City Dental Centers, developed BrightBar’s at home tooth whitening kit. Doctor Sam is passionate about making great smiles accessible to everyone. He developed this tooth whitening kit as another way to further his mission.

Get to Know Dr. Sam Shahoveisi

Dr. Sam founded City Dental Centers over 20 years ago, with the goal of making boutique-quality cosmetic dentistry available to working and middle-class families. He intentionally opened his first clinic in a smaller city, Pico Rivera, located southeast of Los Angeles. Today, he has offices in Azuna, Corona, Lake Forest, Montclair, and West Covina as well. Dr. Sam divides his time, traveling between his six locations. He has exciting plans to continue expanding, with new locations scheduled to open in the coming years. 

“Everyone deserves to have a great smile,” says Dr. Sam, “I believe that because of the neighborhoods I grew up in, these are the people I’m most passionate about helping.” Dr. Sam offers both general dentistry services such as tooth cleaning, in addition to special procedures and cosmetic dentistry. City Dental Centers’ full-service offerings have something for everyone. Dr. Sam sees the smile makeover as an opportunity to transform someone’s entire appearance and confidence level. He developed Brightbar’s tooth whitening kit so that his patients could have a take-home smile makeover experience.

Get to Know City Dental Centers

Each City Dental Centers location provides patients with a boutique experience, complete with luxurious white-glove service. The staff is carefully selected and highly trained to meet strict qualifications. Compassion. Care. Empathy. These are the traits City Dental Centers looks for when onboarding staff. As a result, we’re able to offer personalized patient care to families of diverse demographics with gentleness and sensitivity. Especially at his child-focused office City Dental Kids & Braces in West Covina, CA.

The experience of setting foot in any of the City Dental Centers‘ offices is truly unparalleled. They provide patients with the opportunity to receive quality care, at a much lower cost. “Don’t underestimate the power of a smile,” says Dr. Sam. To inquire about veneers or a complete smile makeover, visit

Dr. Sam Shahoveisi knows that a beautiful smile is one of the top things to impact a person’s confidence, after all, it is one of the first things we tend to notice when meeting a new person. Improving the appearance of one’s smile can revitalize and refresh one’s natural beauty.

BrightBar At Home Tooth Whitening Kit

Dr. Sam’s approach to dentistry is all about attention to detail and personalized experience. For example, dental treatments that comprise a smile makeover, including the cost of veneers can be quite high. Dr. Sam strategically founded his own veneer lab that produces ceramic veneers in-house. This makes it possible for him to be able to provide veneers at a much lower price point than other cosmetic dentistry offices. When dentists have to outsource to an outside lab for their veneers, the cost is significantly higher. Just as with his innovations in making cosmetic dentistry accessible, his at home tooth whitening kit, BrightBar gives his patients the same benefits of an in-office whitening treatment at home.

Not everyone is aware that some professional-grade teeth whitening kits can be too harsh for those who have sensitive teeth. As a result, this can cause pain or irritation to the user. BrightBar’s at home teeth whitening kit is designed to be gentle on enamel, and the sensitive environment of the mouth.

Additionally, BrightBar’s dentist-formulated whitening gel is made with all-natural organic ingredients. The organic whitening gel formula includes coconut oil, white grape extract, mint, hydrogen peroxide, and more. This whitening kit is effective, delivering similar results as those you would have to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for at local dentist offices.

Get to Know the BrightBar At Home Tooth Whitening Kit

What You Get

The kit includes a teeth whitening LED light, three whitening gel pens, a one-size-fits-all mouth tray, a chart for tracking results, and an instruction manual. The blue mode of the LED light removes stains from the surface of the teeth, whitening them. The combination of red and blue LED lights whitens the teeth while reducing any potential sensitivity.

LED Mouthpiece

The mouth tray is designed to fit any mouth and allows you to whiten the top and bottom teeth simultaneously. There is no boiling or molding required for the mouth tray either. It is easy to clean and reuse. To clean your Bright Bar, remove the flexible mouthguard from the LED lighting device. Then rinse it with water and allow it to dry for 10 minutes After that, you can put the two pieces back together.

Teeth Whitening Pens

The three teeth whitening gel pens contain 2ml of gel each. Only a few drops of gel are required for the top and bottom trays per application. The gels are gluten-free, completely safe for enamel, and will not produce any tooth sensitivity. BrightBar is even safe for women who are pregnant and those who are breastfeeding. However, if you have any concerns, sensitivities, or allergies, we recommend you speak with your doctor first. Be aware that it is important to read and follow the instructions carefully to achieve desired results.

How Long Till You’ll See Results? 

The teeth whitening process lasts for 15 to 20 minutes and is done once daily, for 21 days. It is suggested that you not eat for an hour after treatment.  It usually takes 10 days from each treatment before you will see a visible change. However, many users see results faster. It all depends on the discoloration level of their teeth.

With that said, leaving the LED light on for too long is not recommended. Please be sure to follow the instruction manual. The blue LED light activates the whitening gel, helping it to break apart faster. This results in a chemical reaction that lifts stains from the teeth. While there is very little research on the efficacy of LED lights, a 2012 study on the use of whitening gel and LED light showed promising evidence that this process is very effective for whitening teeth. 

Users will start to see results from the first treatment onward. In addition to the benefits of removing stains, and being beneficial for sensitive teeth by being safe for enamel, BrightBar also helps to remove plaque from the teeth. This reduces the risk of further tooth decay other dental problems. This kit is not designed to substitute for regular dental cleanings and checkups. However, it’s a great way to protect and enhance the appearance of your smile between visits.

Your BrightBar will hold a charge long enough for 4-5 treatments before your device will need to recharge. There is a red light that will turn on located near the power button, which will indicate when it’s time for it to be charged.

The Best Organic At Home Tooth Whitening Kit

Other tooth whitening kits such as Snow don’t use organic ingredients in their whitening gels. Furthermore, their kit costs about $50 more than BrightBar’s kit. Snow’s marketing may include a lot of dramatic before and after photographs, and celebrity endorsements, but its products lack the same personal touch as the BrightBar kit.

BrightBar’s at home tooth whitening kit was specifically formulated by a dentist with over 20 years of experience and designed with sensitive teeth in mind. While sensitivity is very rare, every person and every tooth is different. If you happen to experience increased tooth sensitivity, it will usually resolve if you take a couple of weeks off of treatment. You can also lower the level of treatment setting to decrease sensitivity as well. 

If you’re interested in purchasing your own BrightBar organic tooth whitening kit, you can find them in all City Dental Centers locations. You can also order BrightBar online directly from their website. If you’re interested in reading product reviews, customer testimonials can be found here.

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Doctor Sam Shahovesi and the team at City Dental Centers are here to provide our patients with the best dental services and dental surgeries for children and adults of all ages. From toddlers to seniors, City Dental Centers offers six convenient dentist offices in Southern California. We even have a dedicated children’s dentist office, City Dental Kids & Braces, to cater to the special physical and emotional needs of children.

Whether you need checkups, x-rays, braces, bonding, teeth whitening, sealants, oral cancer screenings, root canals, crowns, bridges, implants, or tooth extraction, City Dental Centers is here to make the process as easy and comfortable as possible.

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