Finding the Best Dentist in West Covina Means Everything to Struggling Families

by | May 20, 2022

You Deserve the Best Dentist in West Covina

One of the saddest things you will see is families who can barely make ends meet. Being poor is not a choice. Poverty is not just an issue that affects families here in the United States. Poverty has been a problem facing every civilization in the world. Even before there is such a thing as “money” there were poor people. Unfortunately, when money is tight, a lot of people choose to feed their families. They spend what little money they have trying to keep the lights on, and not on dental care. West Covina CA has its share of lower-income families that face this very same issue. Here at City Dental Centers, we believe everyone should have access to the best dentist in West Covina. Not just families with large disposable incomes. 

Being the best dentist in West Covina California doesn’t just mean having the nicest office, or the most updated dental technology. Being the best dentist means actually caring about the people who live in West Covina and doing everything possible to bring quality and affordable dental care to everyone in the town, regardless of how much money they have, or what kind of neighborhood they come from.

For those families who need the help, we have decided to put together some information on just how to find and apply for some assistance in providing yourself and your family with the dental care that they need.

California Dental Services for Low-income Families 

There is a program that was established in California to assist low-income families so they have access to basic medical services called MediCal. MediCal is a California-based Medicaid system that will pay for a variety of different medical services for both children and adults in California. Anyone with a low income can apply for MediCal regardless of sex, race, religion, or national origin. In California, you don’t even need a social security number to qualify for MediCal. You just need to provide proof of income.

MediCal Insurance & Covered California May Help Provide Access to the Best Dentist in West Covina

As of January 1, 2018, and due to Senate Bill 97 (Chapter 52, Statutes of 2017), MediCal offers comprehensive, preventative, and restorative dental benefits to both children and adults. In other words, as of 2018, everyone who qualifies for MediCal gained access to the best dentist in West Covina. All without having to pay the full price of services. Additionally, the services covered by MediCal include laboratory-processed crowns, posterior root canal therapy, periodontal services, and partial dentures, including denture adjustments, repairs, relines, and more.

There are a great number of families out there really trying to do their best. The California legislature understands that there is a large gap between families who qualify for MediCal and families who make too much money. However, do not make enough to afford the high cost of health insurance. That’s why California offers a program called Covered California. This government agency offers subsidized Obamacare, health plans for the state. Covered California helps lower-income families comply with the Affordable Care Act.

Covered California is available for families who fall under the threshold of a household income below 400% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). This program will assist families in paying their premium, and if the family is between 138% and 250% of the FPL, then there are even more discounts that will reduce the cost of medical and dental services. In order to qualify for Covered California, you must fall within the Covered California income limits and not be offered affordable, full coverage healthcare through an employer, Medicare, etc. 

Help With Terminology When Shopping for Dental Plans 

For those families earning just over the income threshold, finding an affordable dental insurance plan is difficult. Health and dental insurance plans are confusing and use a lot of terminologies like PPO, balance billings, coordination of benefits, and more. It’s almost like you need to be an expert in order to understand it all. We’ve broken down some of the basic terminologies so that looking for a plan is easier for you.


A deductible is a set and a specified amount of money that you will have to pay before a health or dental insurance plan will pay a claim. Many plans will pay for certain services that are outside of a deductible, like teeth cleanings, checkups, and other services. 


The amount the member pays for dental benefits paid monthly, quarterly, or annually. This is the fee that the insurance plan charges you to have their insurance. If you are getting the insurance yourself, then you must pay manually. If your dental insurance is provided through an employer, you can normally have the premium deducted from your paycheck. 


A dependent is an individual covered by the insurance who is not the primary member. This could be anyone, not just children.


Health and dental insurance plans have a “network” of doctors and dentists they work with closely. If you are seeing an “in-network” dentist, most plans will pay for 100% of preventive care services like exams, X-rays, and cleanings. Additionally, they may pay a large portion for fillings, root canals, and extractions. 

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

A PPO plan is one of the most commonly available dental insurance plans. Dentists who are a part of a PPO will negotiate what fees they charge with the insurance company. If you have a PPO and decide to use a dentist that is not “in-network” you will have to pay much more out of pocket for the dental services at that office. PPOs are generally more expensive due to greater administrative costs. However, they are known to be more flexible, and they come with many more in-network dentists than other types of plans.

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)

If you choose to go with an HMO plan, you will pay monthly or annual premiums, but you must use in-network dentists and you must live in the specified area where the HMO is active. HMO plans are normally the cheapest option but the most restrictive when it comes to selecting your dentist. 

Explanation of Benefits (EOB)

Every month your dental insurance plan will mail you, or provide electronically an EOB. This is a document that details precisely what services the insurance has covered, or partially covered for that month or billing period. The EOB is not a bill but is more of a statement of services paid by the insurance company.  

Processing Policies

Policies developed by the insurance company to determine if a service is covered by their insurance plan. Processing policies are continually reviewed and updated to reflect current information. If a processing policy applies to a billed service, you should see it in your Explanation of Benefits (EOB).

Tips on Saving Money at the Best Dentist in West Covina 

Regardless of how good or bad your dental insurance is, everyone could use some tips and tricks to save money at the dentist. Even if you are wealthy and can afford the very best dental care available, chances are you are still going to be interesting in how to save. If you are like most of us, saving money is something we must do to pay our bills.

The first and best way to save money in dental care is to practice good dental hygiene. If your teeth and gums are in tip-top shape, you will have to pay for fewer dentist appointments in the long run and will therefore save money. Make sure that you brush and floss regularly, preferably after every meal, and that you use fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash. Fluoride helps you avoid cavities and greater expenses down the road.

Make sure that you are scheduling regular teeth cleanings with your dentist. Most dental insurance plans cover all, if not most preventive dentistry services and teeth cleanings are the number one preventative measure. Insurance plans do this because preventative dentistry does just that, it prevents those huge emergency dental bills that your insurance must pay. They would rather pay for a cheap tooth cleaning than an emergency root canal or extraction.

What Do I Do if I Get a Big Bill?

If you receive a big uncovered dental bill, or you don’t have any insurance at all, some dentists offer a discount if you pay in cash. Paying in cash will save the dentist credit card processing fees and billing hassles so he is likely to say yes. However, we know that’s easier said than done. If you cannot afford to pay the entire bill in one shot, don’t fret. Most dentists happily offer payment plans. With a reasonable payment plan, you instead send regular monthly payments to make it easier on you.

City Dental Centers is Here for You

When City Dental Centers was founded, we made it our mission to bring the very best, highest quality dental care to everyone, not just the people living in the nicest neighborhoods. We are the best dentist in West Covina. That’s because we care about our patients. We bend over backward to make sure your family has the nicest smiles possible. 

If you need dental care for yourself or your family, call us today. We work with you and your income to provide the dental care you need and deserve. Just because your family is struggling to get by, doesn’t mean that you cannot afford the very best dental care available today.

Convenient Dentist Offices in West Covina California & Surrounding Areas

Doctor Sam Shahovesi and the team at City Dental Centers are here to provide our patients with the best dental services and dental surgeries for children and adults of all ages. From toddlers to seniors, City Dental Centers offers six convenient dentist offices in Southern California. We also have a dedicated children’s dentist office, City Dental Kids & Braces. Here, we cater to the special physical and emotional needs of children.

Whether you need checkups, x-rays, braces, bonding, teeth whitening, sealants, oral cancer screenings, root canals, crowns, bridges, implants, or tooth extraction, City Dental Centers is here to make the process as easy and comfortable as possible. If you’re looking for a quality dentist that won’t break the bank, give your local City Dental Center a try today.

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