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Why Many Adults Do Not Visit the Dentist Regularly

It’s a surprising fact that just over 35% of working-age adults visited the dentist in a study in 2012. While dental care utilization at this point was the highest ever among children, it’s surprising to see educated adults skipping out on dental care.

What are the reasons why adults skip out on seeing the dentist regularly, or every 6 months? There are many reasons why. City Dental Centers will explore some of these reasons.

No Insurance or Low Coverage

Having good insurance can make the greatest difference in whether or not an adult will visit the dentist. Many adults without the coverage simply avoid the dentist altogether. The cost of visiting a dentist is also relevant in regards to this factor, but generally if cost is a concern for you, insurance can really help. This is particularly true if you believe you need some sort of expensive procedure performed. If insurance is a concern for you, consider a dentist that offers payment plans for more expensive procedures. Understand that avoiding the dentist will not make matters any better.

Had an Unpleasant Experience

Many individuals have had, at some point or another, an unpleasant experience at the dentist. Sometimes this experience has given dentists a bad perception by the individual who then no longer wishes to see a dentist unless it’s obviously an absolute necessity. Unfortunately, not seeing the dentist every 6 months can result in a more serious dental problem down the line.

Fear of the Dentist

Similar to having an unpleasant experience, there are many adults who are actually terrified of visiting the dentist due to a past experience. Individuals who are afraid of the dentist may actually forego care even if they are in dire need of dental treatment. It may sound uncommon for adults to have a phobia of the dentist, but it’s actually more common than you think. It’s estimated that 9 – 15% of adults avoid the dentist due to fear and anxiety. This translates to 30 – 40 million people. That’s a lot of people potentially suffering from dental issues that would be resolved if they could overcome their fears!

Busy Lifestyle

Another common reason why working-age adults avoid visiting the dentist is exactly what you’d think: work. It is not at all uncommon in today’s day and age for adults to not feel they have enough time for themselves. When they have the time, often the last place they want to be is in a dental chair.

It’s important to make time to visit the dentist even if your lifestyle seems too busy to accommodate it. After all, if you don’t visit the dentist and catch a serious problem in time, it will only take you more time to resolve it later.

If you’re in need of a dentist, choose one that will accommodate your schedule and make your visit as comfortable as possible. Choose City Dental Centers for your care!

City Dental Centers is Here for YOU!

City Dental Centers and City Dental Kids & Braces are the number one choice in resolving your dental  needs. We understand adults have many reasons they may want to avoid the dentist, but we aim to create several more reasons why you will look forward to your next visit with your friendly neighborhood dentist. We look forward to continuing to serve you and our communities both locally and abroad. There’s always more you can learn as a dentist, and we look forward to continuing to better serve you in the months and years to come!

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