For the most part, people in the United States are fortunate enough to be educated in the right way to care for their teeth. While there are exceptions, most of us know the drill… no pun intended! At least the bare minimum of daily oral hygiene should be second nature. But there are places where we slip up. In this article, City Dental Centers discusses some of the most common negative dental habits that even individuals who know how to properly care for their teeth may slip up with on occasion. Keep in mind smoking didn’t make the list as we focused primarily on habits that were less obvious and common to most individuals, but smoking is also detrimental to the health of your teeth. Read along and consider which of these habits you may have and be able to improve upon.

  1. Chewing Ice

Chewing ice has been attributed to everything from iron deficiency to obsessive-compulsive disorder. While both possibilities have other avenues to be treated aside from dental, if chewing ice is simply a bad habit of yours, you may want to consider the health of your teeth as a reason to stop. Chewing ice can damage the teeth over time and as such, this habit should be corrected as soon as possible.

  1. Using Teeth as Tools

Using your teeth as tools can be incredibly damaging. Whether it’s ripping a bag open or taking the bottle cap off a beer bottle (yes, people do that), be careful with how you use your teeth. They are meant to chew food. They are not tools!

  1. Skipping the Second Teeth Brushing

Most people know to brush twice a day. The first one in the morning comes pretty naturally, but sometimes a late night leads to the second brush being neglected. Make sure to always save time to brush your teeth twice a day. It is incredibly important.

  1. Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding, whether at night while you sleep or during the day, damages your teeth over time. If it’s a serious enough problem, your dentist may recommend a mouth guard at night. During the day, you simply need to be mindful of factors that cause teeth grinding and try to reduce them, whether they be related to anxiety or compulsive habits.

  1. Brushing Too Hard

Not brushing properly can cause problems whether you are not brushing enough or brushing too hard when you actually do. Being rough with your brushing can harm the gums and even damage the teeth over time.

  1. Biting Pencils, Pens, Etc.

Another compulsive habit, and an unsanitary one at that! Use your writing and other tools as they are intended and keep them out of your mouth!

  1. Nail Biting

Like other compulsive habits, nail biting is also damaging to the teeth. Not only that, but it can cause infection in your nails as well! Keep your nails trimmed with clippers. Some compulsive nail biters report overcoming the problem by keeping a pair of nail clippers on them so they have an alternative to biting. This is useful at least until the habit is overcome.

  1. Bad Diet

A bad diet remains one of the top habits that are bad for your teeth and the convenience of unhealthy food and drink that may be available through fast-food chains or quickie marts doesn’t make things any easier. Consider the benefits of a healthy diet on your teeth, including both their functionality and appearance. Healthy food can be much tastier than unhealthy food as well! It isn’t always more expensive either. It may be cheaper, in fact.

  1. Sipping Sugary Substances

Sipping sugary substances like soda will erode the teeth over time. Be aware not only of how much you consume sugary substances but also how you consume them.

  1. Neglecting to Floss

Flossing is incredibly important, but it is one of the most common daily dental hygiene acts that is skipped. Flossing really isn’t that hard, but a lot of individuals think it is a pain and like to skip it. The reality is that brushing, while effective in removing bacteria and plaque from the teeth, is not 100% effective in getting between the teeth. This is why flossing is so important. Flossing reaches where the brush cannot. Effective flossing is necessary to care for your teeth and should be done at least once daily.

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