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Natural Tooth Fillings

thumbnail (4)Natural fillings were first introduced to the American public in the mid 1960’s.  Before they were introduced and regularly used, teeth fillings were filled with a mixture of several different metals. This resulted in a less than desired look.  Now there is a more natural-looking and metal-free filling approach that is available.
In addition to the un-attractiveness of metal fillings, they were not made to bond with the tooth.  Their purpose was to rest on the tooth and provid a degree of protection. Luckily there has been advancements for this procedure.  Now we know much more about the bond created between dentin and enamel, which enables dentists to implement a stronger protection with better comfort.

Natural fillings are also referred to as tooth colored fillings, and are the best choice for certain dental procedures.  Natural fillings can be used for the treatment of cavities, repairing of cracked or broken teeth, repairing of worn down teeth, or they can be used to replace old metal fillings.  In fact, natural fillings have been proven to restore 85% – 95% of the original strength of the tooth.

Other benefits of natural fillings verses metal fillings include minimal tooth sensitivity, they are capable of being used for front and back teeth without changing the look of the tooth by closely matching your natural tooth color, and are easily repaired if damage occurs.

The most durable and commonly used natural filling today is a composite resin filling. A composite refers to a material with filler particles that are bound together by a hard matrix material. A fluid matrix of acrylic is used for composite resin fillings. It is hardened surrounding glass filler particles which forms the composite resin.

Our Dentists will make the natural filling procedure painless by only using the latest technology and most up to date materials.  Call our office today and make an appointment at a location near you. We offer natural tooth fillings in Corona, California, Azusa, California, Santa Ana, California, Pico Rivera, California, or Ontario, California.

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