E-cigarettes, by comparison to regular cigarettes or nicotine products in general, may seem like a much better option in regards to the health of your teeth and the rest of your body. We all know now that cigarettes are very bad for you. While not smoking at all is the best option to stay at your healthiest, individuals wanting the high that nicotine offers, either because they cannot stop smoking or simply do not want to, may find e-cigarettes to be a better alternative. Many individuals young and old educated on the dangers of smoking who are not current smokers have even taken up smoking e-cigarettes, or vaping, seeing it as not at all dangerous to the health of their teeth or overall health. This is not the most informed opinion regarding the subject, however. There are many considerations to make in regards to vaping. It is not an activity that can simply be looked at as ‘safe’.

E-Cigarettes Have Not Been Fully Studied


The number one consideration to make regarding the usage of e-cigarettes is that they still have not been fully studied for their effects on health. While there is no smoke and thus no secondhand smoke inhalation that can be found to be harmful, this does not mean that they may not have negative health affects to the user. Thus far, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has only concluded that “e-cigarettes have not been fully studied, so consumers currently don’t know the potential risks of e-cigarettes when used as intended, how much nicotine or other potentially harmful chemicals are being inhaled during use, or whether there are any benefits associated with using these products.” While there are clinical studies in progress to understand the potential risks associated with vaping, there has been no conclusive determination as to what risks they might present. There certainly isn’t enough evidence to say they are a better smoking alternative, much less a safe option altogether.

It’s unknown how long it will be before a study may be released that proves conclusively the safety, or lack thereof, of vaping through use of e-cigarettes. Many of the potential risks or side effects may only be known several years from now after many individuals have been using e-cigarette products for years.

Nicotine is Not Healthy for Your Oral Health

While studies are still underway to determine the risks associated with e-cigarette usage, it is known at this time regardless that nicotine is not healthy for your oral health. Nicotine has been shown in studies to be harmful to the mouth, gums, and tongue. It does not matter whether the nicotine is delivered by cigarette, e-cigarette, chewing tobacco, or other means. Nicotine is not good for you, period.

The Journal of the Indian Society of Periodontology has stated in a report that nicotine may contribute largely to the creation of gingivitis and periodontitis. This can result in inflammation throughout the rest of the body and bad breath from the mouth.

Why is Nicotine so unhealthy for you? Nicotine is a vasoconstrictor, meaning it reduces the amount of blood that is able to flow through your veins. Reduced blood flow prevents oxygen and nutrients from getting to the gums. The gum tissues may die from this, being as the flow of blood keeping them healthy is restricted.

Nicotine also masks the symptoms of gum disease. There are some reports out there of gum disease appearing to get better or disappear after an individual begins vaping, or using e-cigarettes. That actually isn’t the case. Nicotine, however it is delivered, may mask the symptoms of gum disease preventing accurate diagnosis or effective treatment of the condition. The reason for the symptoms being masked goes back to the property of nicotine being a vasoconstrictor. If blood cannot flow effectively to your gums, conditions such as gum disease may be less noticeable as some symptoms, such as the gums bleeding from irritation during brushing or flossing, will be absent. This won’t just trick you into thinking your gums are healthy. Sometimes it even goes by unnoticed by your dentist if other symptoms are not present.

Also due to being a vasoconstrictor, nicotine can result in bad breath. Nicotine inhibits your body’s ability to produce saliva, which can result in many negative outcomes that contribute to bad breath. These include dry mouth, tooth decay, and the growth of bacteria.

Due to its stimulant property, nicotine also excites the muscles and may result in teeth grinding being more problematic for an individual who currently grinds their teeth.

Because nicotine is a substance in everything from cigarettes to e-cigarettes, no such option can be found to be safe regardless of any other chemicals that might be excluded. In the end, the best option is to abstain from such products altogether. Your teeth and your body will thank you for it!

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