As summer comes to an end and fall is on the way, we escape the summer days of ice cream treats and summer snacks and approach a new threat to our children’s teeth: Halloween candy! It’s not too early to review a brief checklist for your children in terms of keeping their teeth healthy through proper diet and dental care. There are lots of things to consider. While many can be second nature, it’s worth reviewing these tips to ensure your child’s dental health is adequately maintained in the months to come.

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Brushing as usual should be done twice a day minimum. In the morning after waking up and before going to bed at night are the best times, but it’s worth considering a midday brush if your child has consumed a decent amount of snacks, particularly those heavy in sugar.

Even if you’ve grown to be comfortable with your child’s brushing habits without observation, don’t be afraid to watch them once in a while to ensure they aren’t rushing through it. It’s important that children spend at least 2 minutes brushing their teeth. Depending on your child’s age, sometimes setting a song to play while they brush their teeth that concludes around that time is a good option.


Flossing is a commonly skipped oral care action for both children and adults. Young or old, you should be flossing your teeth at least once a day. If flossing is not a strong point for you, do your best to ensure your children have better habits than you do! A good way to make flossing more enjoyable for your children is to use flavored dental floss. Many flavors are very tasty and child approved, such as mint and bubblegum.


Diet is important on several levels. It should be obvious, but ensure that your children limit their intake of sugary and unhealthy substances such as candy, ice cream, unhealthy snacks, and treats. This is even more important to pay attention to during holidays where this rule is likely to be ignored such as Halloween. As mentioned previously, if your children do have an excess of sweets in their diet for whatever reason, having your children brush and floss an extra time over their usual routine is beneficial and just a good way to prevent cavities.

While diet is often looked at in terms of avoiding cavities through avoiding sugar, it’s additionally important to understand that developing a balanced diet for your children also will make them healthier, allowing their teeth to be stronger and more resistant to cavities in the first place. Don’t just avoid the things that make your teeth less healthy, but also seek out the behaviors that will make them stronger!

Maintain an Active Lifestyle For Yourself and Your Children

The more fit and active your children are the less interested they will be in foods or sweets that are not conducive to an active lifestyle. Due to the crash associated with sugars, most children will develop over time an aversion to them if they are presented with a lifestyle that does not allow them to simply crash midday. Additionally, keeping your kids active also keeps their bodies healthy, and that includes their teeth.

Teach your kids as early as possible the correlations between a healthy diet, dental care, exercise, and well being. The sooner your children can understand how all of these things relate, the better off they will be in making healthy, informed decisions on their own as they grow older.

Watch Out For Grandma!

Grandparents are notorious for excessively feeding sweets to their grandkids. It’s not like most of us haven’t experienced this growing up as kids and turned out okay, but ensure your children learn to moderate themselves even if they are in the care of extended family who may enjoy spoiling them a bit. There are always going to be times when children go overboard with the sweets. As a parent, it’s just something you should learn to expect once in a while. However, you can counteract this by teaching your children personal responsibility as well as setting limits with babysitters, playmate’s parents, and family members during sleepovers.

Choosing a Children’s Dentist

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