City Dental Centers has made the focus of our latest articles the impact of dentistry as a whole on our patients. The reason for this is to emphasize the importance of proper dental care and its impact on patients not just in their oral and overall health, but also in the confidence with which they approach their everyday life. This latest article was written and based off a review submitted by a real patient, Kiki Runco, who was treated at our Pico Rivera location. Kiki had a life-changing experience with City Dental Centers and wanted to share her experience with others so that they can know the City Dental Centers difference!

You may already be aware of Kiki’s dental situation from our other article we shared here. This is not part two of her story yet, as her problem has not yet been fully resolved, but she wanted to check in and report on her progress with the doctors at City Dental Centers. She had her first visit on July 7th, 2016 at 2:30pm in our Pico Rivera dental center.

The Problem

Kiki suffers from a hereditary defect and has weak enamel. This means that her teeth deteriorate rather easily and quickly. An individual with weak enamel suffers much more severely from accidentally missing a brushing than an individual with normal teeth. In Kiki’s situation, frequent brushing, flossing, and switching to a vegan diet did not make a difference.

Kiki was experiencing severe pain from her deteriorating teeth and requested the help of Dr. Sam and Dr. Mike in resolving her dental concerns.

City Dental Centers Provides the Solution

Kiki First Visit

Kiki’s first visit was overseen by Dr. Sam in the Pico Rivera dental center after a treatment plan was developed with the help of Dr. Mike. The plan required multiple extractions of badly deteriorated teeth, implementation of bridges, and the development of porcelain veneers to cover teeth that had experienced some disrepair, but were still savable. Additionally, as the mold created needed to be used to develop unique dental materials based on Kiki’s unique oral structure, temporaries needed to be put in to replace the removed or filed down teeth awaiting bridges or veneers. As you can imagine, it was extensive work and Kiki was particularly anxious leading up to the visit. “I’ve experienced bad dental care before,” Kiki said. “I had heard great things about Dr. Sam and City Dental Centers, but was still very apprehensive.”

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What would normally be a painful and uncomfortable experience was overseen with family or close friend-like comfort and support. Dr. Sam took steps to ensure Kiki experienced no pain and minimal discomfort throughout the process. “Multiple times throughout the process, Dr. Sam asked me if I was doing alright,” she began. “He made me feel very comforted and like he genuinely cared.”

Any dentist can turn on the laughing gas and think their job is done. Dr. Sam got personally involved in making sure Kiki was comforted, all pain-alleviating efforts were successful, and that his job didn’t just get done professionally, but that it caused Kiki minimal discomfort. This result was achieved. He also ensured Kiki experienced no pain following the procedure and wrote all necessary prescriptions to do so.

The Impact On Kiki’s Life

Kiki only has temporaries in at this point while the team at City Dental Centers, using their patient-exclusive dental lab, prepares the custom-made dental materials that will be Kiki’s new teeth. However, Kiki still feels great about her new smile.

“So far, I LOVE my new smile. My confidence has skyrocketed,” she said. “I can’t wait to have everything completed!”

Kiki is scheduled for her second round of treatment later this month, and her third the beginning of August. She looks forward to seeing how the permanent teeth will be even better. The level of care City Dental Centers provides shows that even in teeth they are implementing that will only be temporary, they ensure the work is done correctly and beautifully. Choose City Dental Centers for your care!

City Dental Centers is Here for YOU

City Dental Centers is a standout dental practice that cares for its patients and treats them like family. If you’re a patient at City Dental Centers, you’ll know the difference right away in terms of patient care, professionalism, and comfort in dental proceedings. We make emergencies a priority and will see a patient with an emergency the same day. When you’re our patient, you’re our family.

Patients come to City Dental Centers for a reason. We set the bar high for what anyone could ever expect of a dental practice and we seek to be the best each and every time you schedule a visit at any of our four conveniently located Southern California locations.

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