City Dental Centers has made the focus of our latest articles the impact of dentistry as a whole on our patients. The reason for this is to emphasize the importance of proper dental care and its impact on patients not just in their oral and overall health, but also in the confidence with which they approach their everyday life. This latest article was written and based off a review submitted by a real patient, Gertha Hoeing, who was treated at our Ontario location. Gertha had the best experience with City Dental Centers and wanted to share her experience with others so that they can know the City Dental Centers difference!

The Problem

One of the most terrifying experiences an individual can go through is one involving the threat of or actual infliction of violence. Gertha Hoeing, through an encounter with a psychiatric patient, was victimized by the latter situation at her work. Gertha not only had several broken molars and temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) from the encounter, but the encounter left her with great physical and emotional pain following the experience. Gertha, along with other individuals who have experienced a similarly violent and traumatic experience, generally experience a great amount of fear following the event and medical and/or dental care can be more difficult to deal with.

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Gertha chose City Dental Centers for her care and the results were fantastic!

City Dental Centers Provides the Solution

Customer Review

Gertha says her problem was resolved with great success. Gertha’s teeth were repaired and pain from the TMJ was alleviated. “Great staff, treatment, and overall excellent care,” Gertha says of her experience with the doctors at City Dental Centers.

City Dental Centers wishes to remind the community as well that emergency patients may visit and be treated in our clinic same day, particularly in the event of a violent or other unforeseen encounter afflicting the teeth. If you are badly hurt, please call 911 and visit a hospital, particularly if more than your dental health is at risk. However, our dental center will take emergency dental issues and treat them same day.

The Impact On Gertha’s Life

Gertha says she no longer experiences pain and her repaired teeth continue to do well. When asked if Gertha refers her friends and family to City Dental Centers, she responded, “I have, and will continue to do so. They are the best!”

City Dental Centers is known for treating their patients like family and in situations where pain is a concern, mitigating or eliminating pain and discomfort is paramount to the care they provide to their patients. This is particularly important in situations like Gertha’s, and others that may end up being dental emergencies. Regardless, City Dental Centers is here to provide the best in patient care.

Choose a dentist that genuinely cares for your dental and overall health and well being. Choose City Dental Centers!

City Dental Centers is Here for YOU

City Dental Centers is a standout dental practice that cares for its patients and treats them like family. If you’re a patient at City Dental Centers, you’ll know the difference right away in terms of patient care, professionalism, and comfort in dental proceedings. We make emergencies a priority and will see a patient with an emergency the same day. When you’re our patient, you’re our family.

Patients come to City Dental Centers for a reason. We set the bar high for what anyone could ever expect of a dental practice and we seek to be the best each and every time you schedule a visit at any of our four conveniently located Southern California locations.