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Do High-Carbohydrate Diets Increase the Risk of Death?

There have been many different types of diets over the year. Some that are designed to help a person lose weight and others that are designed to help detox the body or help a person gain more energy. Regardless of the purpose, a common diet that has been widely used among many people is one that incorporates a high amount of carbohydrates while limiting the amount of fat that is consumed. This information has been based off a couple of studies that made the claim that a high carb lifestyle is the way to go in order to achieve weight control and a good quality of overall health. It is unfortunate that this information was widely used for a number of nutritional plans over the past few decades because these high carb lifestyles have actually be harmful to people’s health overall.

Studies Show

A number of flawed studies and tricky marketing techniques have led people to embrace low fat diets while increasing their carbohydrate intake. It was ingrained into people that high fat diets were going to make a person pack on the pounds and this in turn would lead to heart conditions and poor overall health. Current studies are proving the initial information wrong. While a diet very high in fat definitely isn’t a beneficial way to live, healthy fats have many benefits. Increasing your carbohydrates while decreasing your fat content in the foods you are eating will lead to being overweight, tired and obese. This information comes from the most recent study; The International Prospective Urban Rural Epidemiology Study, which was reported on in August of 2017 and conducted by PHRI, or the Population Health Research Institute.

The PURE study followed approximately 135,000 people between the ages of thirty-five and seventy. These 135,000 people lived across eighteen different countries and had a wide variety of annual incomes. The eating habits of these participants was followed over the course of about seven years. The team of professionals in Canada that were conducting the study found that people who had a high carb lifestyle and limited fats were thirty percent more likely to die from health complications. People who incorporated more healthy fats into their diets and lowered their carbohydrate intake were twenty-three percent more likely to pass away during the course of the seven year follow up study. Find the best Fat Burner to help you reach your goals!

A Healthy Diet

This PURE study took an overall look at people’s diets in addition to their fat and carbohydrate intakes. It was also concluded that increasing a person’s consumption of legumes, fruits and vegetables would prevent an early death. More specifically, three to four servings were more than enough and anything more than that didn’t seem to provide too much of a benefit. The nutritional benefits of these foods, including their antioxidant levels help ward off health issues like diabetes, obesity, heart disease and cancer.

These foods that were proving to be healthy were more beneficial if consumed on a raw basis. Cooking your vegetables or fruits would only decrease their nutritional benefits. Currently, steaming seems to be the best option as far a retaining nutritional benefits. Other options like boiling or baking will remove a lot of the moisture from the fruit or vegetable and this is where a lot of the nutritional components reside.

Negative Dietary Options

High carbohydrate diets that consist of about seventy-seven percent carbs can increase overall inflammation in the body and slow down your body’s metabolic functions. Your heart may have to pump harder and faster to break down those carbs. Healthy fats along with other healthy choices will do just the opposite and instead of raising your blood pressure and blood sugar, it will lower your pressure and lower your blood sugar levels to a more healthy, acceptable and stable amount. Despite many diets boasting low fat / high carb lifestyles, this news should not surprise many. Many studies have shown the benefits of healthy fats that come from foods like avocados and olive oils. There are a number of civilizations in the world that have a higher consumption of carbohydrates. These areas are also known to have a higher mortality rate before the age of seventy-five.

For someone who is looking to follow a healthy diet that will decrease their risk of diabetes, heart attack, stroke or death relating to these conditions, it is best to consume all things in moderation. There is no single food group that will lower a person’s risk of death. Rather, incorporating plenty of healthy protein along with healthy fats, minimal carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables, legumes, etc. will provide people with optimal overall health and they will feel their best. Because of the results of these recent studies it may be on the horizon that global dietary recommendations will change in order to compensate for these findings. Crash diets and extreme diets are never beneficial and should not really be used as a way to lose weight in a safe manner.