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Facetime alternatives on Android to stay connected

Facetime from Apple is a prominent way to make audio and video calls, but unfortunately, facetime was developed for iOS devices only. With the reputation of facetime, Android users also desired to acquire facetime so that their audio and video calls can be presented.

The best part is that there are a number of facetime alternatives for Android:

Facebook Messenger:

The best alternative to Facetime on Android is the Facebook Messenger. The easiest aspect is that many people whom you know in your contacts make use of face book. facetime for pc windows 10 This intends that you can make easy video calls without opting for a new service. The app is functional and also cross platform and hence your Android, iOS and computer friends can join the chat.

Google Hangouts:

Another best alternative to Appleā€™s Facetime for Android is Google Hangouts. When users opt for hangouts, there are multiple services provided through this app. The messaging application is one which provides voice calls, video calls, and messaging service. The promising part of Google Hangouts is that users can make video calls to multiple individuals and chat with about 100 people at once. Hence Google hangout is an alternative choice to Facetime for Android device.


The next facetime alternative for Android that follows the list is Skype since 2003. Skype is prominent for its exceptional video calling features and stands prestigious in the market. It was in 2011 that Skype grew prominent when they were picked up by windows in order to replace windows messenger. Hence Skype is considered as a reliable service for Windows as well as other platforms too.


This application is a bit varied from other video calling apps. The best part of this video messaging service is that video messages can be recorded and sent to others. The user at the other end can view the recording of the message. Though this is not considered as a live video chatting app, it fills the void of facetime on Android.


line is yet another promising facetime alternative for Android which possesses many features and used by many users across the globe. It owes free voice calls, video calls and messaging services too. The main focus of the app is on the messaging aspect and it offers a number of stickers and other texting experience.

Google Duo:

Google Duo can be considered Facetime for Android users as it is a basic live video chat app. It syncs with your phone once opened and users can start making calls. Your receiver should also be installed with Duo in order to complete the video call. The app is multi-platform, free, and easy to use and permits you to see the callers before they pick the call with knock knock feature.


The best video chatting app with excellent quality on any kind of internet connection is Jus talk. The features present here are sharing of images, doodling as you chat, and theming.
Apart from these, there are many other facetime alternatives for Android. Hence Android users can be glad that numerous apps can be picked as per their choice and features present.